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Craig David Jacobson


Craig started working as an apprentice to founder Kerry Dikken in 2009.  Craig came to Blasted Art with a design background, having attended the Arts Institute Int'l B.S. Interior Design program and worked as an Interior Designer and a Graphic Designer for several years before joining the Blasted Art team.  

As a designer, he was already familiar and even fluent in the software Blasted Art uses, and with his design experience it was immediately a good fit.  Craig loved the limitless creative possibilities that came with sandblasting glass, and he and Kerry worked well together.  He worked on and off with Kerry for over a decade, and was able to be part of some of Blasted Art's proudest projects.  

"Many people have said to me that I have 'big shoes to fill', but I could never fill Kerry's shoes.  Nobody can.  Kerry was a superstar in his own regard.  An artist and a genius that can't be replaced.  My goal is not to be like Kerry, but it is to be myself with all the things Kerry taught me, and whatever I do, and whatever direction I take Blasted Art, I hope it would make Kerry proud."

Craig lives in downtown Minneapolis with his best friend and loyal companion, Mowgli (the world's greatest dog).  His hobbies include playing French Horn and trumpet in a local community band and a jazz band, boating on the many lakes in Minnesota, spending quality time with friends, and going to the dog park with Mowgli.

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