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glass art photography

your photograph transformed into art

Kerry Dikken's signature design.  We can turn your special photograph into line art and then we sandblast it onto glass.  A stunning piece of art that captures a memory on glass.  It's an artistic optical illusion of sorts - the farther away you stand to look at the image, the more detail you see.  The closer you get, the more you see the image is comprised of only lines.  No grayscale, no shading, just lines.

To achieve the detail and technical artistry is no easy feat.  There is a lot of work and meticulous detail in every single piece we make like this.  The result is breathtaking.  Pick the right photograph and give the glass art piece we make as a gift to someone special, and you'll touch their heart and even bring tears to their eyes.  Makes a truly unique and unforgettable gift like no other.


If you're interested in having us make a custom piece of art from your special photograph, please contact us here

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