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Blasted Art, Inc., was founded in 1999, by Kerry Dikken.  Kerry was the President of Blasted Art for over 20 years until his passing in 2021.  Kerry was an internationally renowned sandblasting artist whose work can be seen nationally, internationally, and especially around his hometown of Minneapolis/St Paul in places like the W Hotel, Hilton Hotel, W.A. Frost, Target Field, Mpls/St Paul Int'l Airport, Loring Park, MN State Fair, Como Park, the 35W Bridge Memorial in Gold Medal Park, and many, many more.

After Kerry passed away, the future of Blasted Art was unknown.  Nobody really knew exactly how Kerry did what he did.  Kerry had employees come in and help often on large projects with specific tasks like pulling vinyl, applying color, and even sometimes sandblasting, but nobody really understood and knew the process from beginning to end or had the creative talent that gave Blasted Art that special artistic touch.  Except one person.  Craig David Jacobson was Kerry's apprentice and worked with Kerry on and off for 13 years.  Craig also started his own small retail sandblasting business on the side selling custom gifts and artwork.   Kerry was not just his mentor, but his close friend.  Craig wondered what would happen to all the equipment and to Blasted Art, and when the time was right, approached Kerry's family with an offer to buy any equipment they wanted to sell at a very fair price.   The discussion ended up going much further, and the more they talked, the more they learned about Kerry and about Craig and Craig learned about Kerry and about his family.  In the end, they came to an agreement that would benefit everyone and would keep Blasted Art and Kerry's dream alive.  Craig agreed to purchase all the equipment and take over Blasted Art Inc. as the new President and Owner.  With all the same values Kerry taught him, Craig made a promise to always do business with honor and integrity.  

Today, Blasted Art Inc is thriving and everything we do at Blasted Art will always be with Kerry in mind.  We plan to always honor his memory and do our best to keep his dream alive.   We miss him every day, and we feel the best way to honor him is to continue spreading love by creating beautiful art.    Wherever he is, we hope we make him proud.  


35W Bridge Memorial

by sandblasting artist
Kerry Dikken
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