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Sample Created for The Mayo Clinic

Sample Created for Louis Vuitton.

Animated Glass

Animated Glass is a process of sandblasting and painting on both sides of glass developed by Kerry at Blasted Art. This is a technique I've been fascinated with since the early 90s. I saw a graffiti artist do a version of this with a picket fence in a Brooklyn subway. The Graffiti artist painted complicated spliced artwork on the wall behind the picket fence. The fence acted as a mask to animate balloon figures as the subway car went by.

I was hooked. I needed to know how the optical illusion was done. While I was in Brooklyn, I went back and forth on that subway until I figured out how the artist did it. Then I studied and prototyped to figured out how to replicate that technique in glass. It took a few years but I did it. This is my version of the "picket fence" but in glass. It's a little more refined. The seed was planted by a genius graffiti artist in Brooklyn. 

There are many different variations of this technique used in advertising throughout the years. Most people remember the blinking eye prize in Cracker Jacks. Lenticular Printing. Most other versions have size limitations. Animated Glass does not. We could do an entire exterior of a building. (and we hope to someday...)

A Study Sample

Sample created for Study